Some people can’t speak up during meetings because they don’t

Nonostante l’elezione del generale Sulei man a presidente della Repubblica, la situazione nel Paese dei Cedri resta estremamente tesa e complicata. senza dubbio un fatto positivo che l’elezione dell’ex capo di stato maggiore delle Forze Armate libanesi abbia posto fine a un pericolosissimo vuoto istituzionale che durava da oltre sei mesi: e infatti essa stata salutata con grande entusiasmo e speranza sia in Libano che fuori del Libano. Tutto bene, dunque? Dipende. Da un lato l’elezione di Suleiman ha bloccato la possibile escalation verso la guerra civile e ha fatto uscire il sistema politico dall’impasse istituzionale. Dall’altro c’ il timore che con essa sia stata sostanzialmente ratificata l’egemonia politica di Hezbollah sul Libano.

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high quality replica handbags Even if you’re not afraid of work itself, however, there may be some things that you are afraid of doing at work. For example, some people are afraid to speak up at meetings. Meetings can be quite intimidating especially if you’re meeting with the superiors in the company or when everybody appears to have brilliant ideas and you feel as though you have little to contribute. There are some times when you feel you have a good suggestion or idea, but you can’t express it because other people are either talking more loudly or you’re worried that what you have to offer isn’t good enough. Some people can’t speak up during meetings because they don’t know how to get people’s attention and think that others will just drown them out. The important thing to remember in this situation is that any feedback is valuable and what you have to say or ask will be able to move the discussion further. You can step into the conversation simply by raising your hand or saying, “Excuse me” loudly; meetings aren’t the time for you to be mumbling and fading into the replica handbags background. The important thing to remember is that your input and questions are valuable, and that should give you the confidence to speak up; you may very well be saying something that’s also on other people’s minds. high quality replica handbags

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