However, several games have become Cult Classics, or have

The GameCube, just like the Sega Dreamcast, is a perfect case of Vindicated by History. During its lifetime, it did not manage to sell as well as its competitors, and was the worst performing home console created by Nintendo (however, the GameCube sold only a couple million units behind the Xbox, while the Dreamcast sold about half of what the GameCube did; the utter dominance of the PS2 is what likely cemented the GameCube’s paltry image). It received lots of undeserved hate due to its toy like design and Nintendo’s kiddy reputation (which Nintendo was still trying to shed despite finally starting to greenlight more teen Hermes Replica Hermes Replica and young adult oriented games), and while it did get a lot of third party games, it suffered from few third party exclusives, divisive first party titles, and many T and M rated titles (especially this is the only 6th generation home console without Grand Theft Auto on it) releasing on the PS2 and Xbox but not the GameCube; one can attribute the console’s lack of proper third party support to the continuing aftermath of the N64’s use of cartridges. However, several games have become Cult Classics, or have simply been revisited and given the accolades they deserve. It helps that the much more successful Wii was fully compatible with GameCube games until later in its life, making it easier for people to play games for the latter without actually having to buy one. With critics putting increased emphasis on the importance of loading times in the modern age, the GameCube’s design towards faster loads (in the form of smaller disks and special RAM caches) is also becoming more appreciated. Additionally, the GameCube’s controller has been consistently praised for its comfortable design and layout, to the point of it being almost ergonomic; the growing popularity of the GameCube controller among Super Smash Bros. fans eventually led to Nintendo re releasing the controller specifically for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, complete with a controller adapter.

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