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For the first time Japan was a nation state in anything more

These games provide examples of: Acme Products: The ABCD company makes many sports goods, ranging from footballs to track outfits. Air Guitar: The agents in “I Was Born to Love You”. All Men Are Perverts: In “La La”, Cap White aims to defeat Mr. Virus. Mr. Virus intends to rip off her clothes. Amplified Animal […]

Funny Animal: Almost all the characters are cats occupying

Often shows up due to mis tagged files on file sharing services, a small scale research mistake blossomed into widespread misinformation. Also, after some artists gain a measure of mainstream success in a niche genre or Signature Style, all songs done in the style of that apparent artist or genre are often misattributed to them. […]

He sticks with English as a heel in NJPW

Honor Before Reason: Discussed in a private meeting between Lincoln and Thaddeus Stevens. Stevens has revolutionary ideas about making all African Americans equal and overturning Southern society to make it a haven for citizens of all colors. If in pursuit of your destination, you plunge ahead, heedless of obstacles, and achieve nothing more than to […]

Big Brother Instinct: Everyone for Weaver

Foreshadowing: When Fozzie reachers Bitterman Bank, the security guard mishears Fozzie, believing he has Ms. Bitterman’s laundry (instead of money). When he reachers her office, they discover his sack of cash is actually a sack of clothes from the Salvation Army folks he bumped into earlier. Subverted with Johnny Fiama and Sal, because while Sal […]

Anime Hair: Most of the cast, but especially Akari and Kris

The entire college is this. By the end, it’s on a probationary accreditation, and from what we see it looks like it’s going to meet just the right balance of being a “real” college and bringing its new approach to the table. Big Store: This method is used by the protagonists to create a fictional […]

But once he gets inside the stadium

Her attempts to do so anyway when bullied into it by the latter are Funny Moments. Awesome Moment of Crowning: When the Elder Club graduated Yuko Nakazawa, the very first leader of Morning Musume, passed on Leadership of Hello!Project to Ai Takahashi. Morning Musume winning the Japanese Record Award for Best New Artist. Badass Adorable: […]

At the end Gypsy is going to a party wearing a mink coat

After his family was executed, there was a search for him, but he didn’t see a point in revealing his identity, and chose to stay with his kidnappers, who treated him well and catered to his every whim. (They were working for the enemy, but had their own agenda, which was getting a husband. Alannon […]

However, what separates the Tactical RPG subgenre from other

Clever villains will use this as a demoralizing ploy on the heroes, surely Utopia Justifies the Means if the result is a more civilized (or extinct) human race? Heroes who are especially shaken up by his Storyboarding the Apocalypse may even do a Face Heel Turn. Inevitably, it’s up to the Messianic Archetype to restore […]

Let’s Get Out of Here: After blasting the Dementors away

Just in Time: When it seems all hope is lost and the riders are screwed, Harry comes in and blasts away the Dementors, along with leading said riders out of the cave. Let’s Get Out of Here: After blasting the Dementors away, Harry shouts to the guests, “Let’s get out, quick!”, as the cave around […]